Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Celebrity Deathmatch: Palin vs Clarkson

A bunch of Road safety campaigners, led by Michael Palin, have noticed that Top Gear is, well, just a little bit laddish. Apparently, it glorifies speed and yobbish attitudes. Because nothing else on TV is a load of escapist tosh is it?

Transport 2000 may have point, though, when they say:
"If we must have Jeremy Clarkson on the television, let's give him something useful to do, such as trying out public transport or road-testing new bicycles. Perhaps he would like to drive a bus; he'd find it just as much fun as a Ferrari."

And it does get you thinking. You're thinking "must we have that twat on telly at all?"

Or perhaps "If he must then can't he be on When Deadly Animals Attack Annoying Presenters or The Worlds Grizzliest Celebrity Assassinations?"

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