Thursday, 7 April 2005

I Have The (Re)Touch

Boing Boing, who got the link from City Rag[1], link to the work of Glenn Feron who describes himself as a retoucher.

Retoucher doesn't really cover it, though. The site's BoingBoinged at the moment so it's painfully slow, but even after the first three pages you're already reeling at the egregiousness of it. Given Glenn's retouched pic of Alicia Keys you would be hard pressed to recognise her in person in the street. Not so much a retouching as an entire remodelling. The sad thing is that because she looks real in the untouched pic she seems much more interesting. The photoshopping just smooths out everything until there's no personality left. Which might also stand as a comment on her music...

There is fun to be had, though. On the second page it's you can watch the woman's arse go from nicely round to ridculously huge and back again. I spent far too long doing that.

[1] City rag, in turn, got the link from Rock on Lock. O, what a tangled web we weave...

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