Friday, 1 April 2005

I Was Totally Lied To By The Trailers, Man!

The Graun takes a quick fun look at the art of the trailer. They manage to do it without mentioning The Phantom Menace, which I find a little odd.

TPM The Trailer was a finely crafted piece of Cinema which hinted at very much while giving you just enough to believe that Episode One would, indeed, be a Movie Event. Bastards.

This bit is interesting:
[T]here's an argument - made by David Lynch, among others - that seeing any trailer automatically ruins the experience of the film to which it relates, because once you've seen the highlights, you'll be subsconsciously checking off the scenes that were featured in it as you watch the full-length movie.

Which I know I sometimes do. It doesn't particularly ruin the movie, though, unless the trailer actually shows you images from the film's ending and you realise at some time earlier in the movie that you know exactly what's going to happen. Then again if you are watching a movie where having seen the trailer you know what the ending is, then you should almost definitely be able guess the ending anyway, without any hints.

Which actually makes it odd that trailers should worry David Lynch so, because I've seen whole movies of his and been none-the-wiser afterwards so a trailer's hardly going to spoil anything is it?

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