Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Idiots Are Winning

In some quarters there's a fast held belief that Trump will be the outsider to truly bring something new to politics. He will selflessly drain the swamp and wash away the taint of neo-liberalism as practised by Hillary and her ilk.

The father-made billionaire who has previously been happy to stiff contractors will now be the friend of the working man. Despite, you know, everything he actually said and did.

He has, of course, as expected, in line with everything known and reported about the man, surrounded himself with people as venal and incompetent as himself. Some candidates even have the added bonus of being ideologically incompatible with the roles they have been chosen for.

Trump hasn't brought anything new to politics, he's brought something very old. Although perhaps  the scale of all this self-regarding corruption is truly new.

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