Thursday, 12 January 2017

I'll Have A Skinny, Artisanal, Raw-Milk, Gluten-Free, Sea-Water Dough Pizza, Please

Jay Rayner has a list in the Guardian of "Seven things in food to stay livid about in 2017".

It confirms to all of my biases, even if I think he's a little late to the "artisanal" rage. That and "curate" are sure signs that who ever uses them, outside of their more specific meanings, is a bellend.

I did like this bit too:
Which brings me to all those who point at clumsy, ill-written, pseudo-science as proof that their desperate, self-aggrandising food choices are better than yours; people who don’t know the difference between a causal link, correlation and sheer coincidence. They make me really, really angry.
Stuff like this can't be said enough times.

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