Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sometimes When I Drink Too Much The Next Day I Can't Think

Over at Edible Arts, Wine Trends and Food Pairings,  they take a look at what people are drinking with dinner, find out it's beer and goes:
Mmmm. Perhaps they will grow out of it.

Elsewhere on the Internet some people are intent on helping the obviously confused: Beer with Dinner: The Basics of Pairing Beer and Food. In its own way this is almost as bad.

One the one hand it's true that wine often pairs better with much food than most beers. And the people in the survey probably aren't really that interested in finding harmonious combinations and synergies (I do find that synergy is often, but not infallibly, a bellend indicator). And that might be a pity. On the other hand fuck that noise. Drink what you want and enjoy it. If you want to find out more then Edible Arts and Kitchn will be there to give a helping hand.

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