Friday, 30 January 2009

A Little Something For The Weekend

I've posted about a game called Blocks With Letters On in one of my previous link posts. A couple of weeks ago (yes, I've been busy) I found out, through the incomparable JayIsGames site, that they'd made a sequel cunningly titled More Blocks With Letters On. And, indeed, it is more of the same, only slightly different with a couple of extra goodies to make it just as compelling as the original. Just like the original the fun fizzles out on some of the longer, more involved puzzles (level 18 is particularly sadistic in this regard but it's quite the sensation when you beat it) but it's good brow furrowing stuff most of the time.

I also found on Jay's site a series of point-n'-click adventures with fantastic animation, corny (but good) humour, the occasionally fiendish puzzle and mulitple endings called the Several Journeys of Reemus. Great stuff, though it's probably best to start with the preview adventure The Visitor.

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