Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Karaoke Rage

There's a whole other post (a series, probably) on how everything is a "rage" these days, but this article on Karaoke Rage in Slate tickled me. Not so much for the insight -- people can can precious about music and being a drunk exhibitionist doesn't help your impluse issues -- but for the examples. One in particular:
And in Asia, there's been a string of karaoke-bar stabbings and shootings, including a horrific incident in Bangkok in which eight amateur singers were murdered by their neighbor, reportedly due in part to his hatred of John Denver's "Country Roads."

Now, I've never murdered anyone over "Country Roads", but I live in Austria, so the chances for me to do it are quite high. In fact if I were to snap it would probably be that. Or "Summertime".

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