Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Face of Boe Speaks

Yes, I have finally seen all of Torchwood (not quite the finished article, but I found it quite charming) and Doctor Who season 3 (gets better every season, I think, lots of fun but with the requisite scariness), as you can tell by my title reference.

John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness himself, gets interviewed over at Off The Telly and comes across as charming and honest. Just as you'd probably expect:

JOHN BARROWMAN: I'd play Jack for the next 10 years if you asked me to.

OTT: You're always going to be identified with him, aren't you?

JOHN BARROWMAN: Of course I am. And that's not a bad thing. You know, to be driving my car and to have my window down on a nice day and kids at a bus stop go, "Look, it's Capt Jack!"

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