Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back and Busy

You know how it is. I get back from Holiday to find every one is Korea has spent the whole time wishing me a merry Christmas and a happy big penis.

It's touching, in a way.

The Silvester gig at Gasfhof Blasl went very well, by the way. I tried not to spoil too many peoples' dinners and my between song banter had to be changed a little because of the presence of children. The first set was very strong. My voice seems to improve with every gig as I try and iron out the bugs from the last ones. After a tip from my Bro' I'm trying being confident of my note even if it's wrong (which gets less and less), it seems to work. The second set wasn't quite as solid as my timing was a bit off, apparently, and then the fireworks started.

Literally, thankfully. We did a whole bunch of news songs after that died down, which was slightly hit and miss though we ended really strongly with Hesitation Blues, Hoochie Coochie Man, My Baby Don't Wear No Panties and Crazy 'Bout Automobiles. Good stuff indeed.

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