Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Speaking Of Errors in the Press

Time have an article be Richard Corliss titled Do Film Critics Know Anything? In it he sees to be moaning that when critics give awards to movies they don't just give the awards to films he's heard of, or to those with the biggest box-office.
And it all starts here, with critics fighting over which hardly seen movie they want to call the best of the year.

I'm sure Mr Corliss isn't really that big of an idiot, but he really does seem to be arguing that popular automatically means good. He also seems to be saying that because he hasn't heard of a movie it can't possibly any good. I'm sure there's a latin term for this, but it seems to me that this is an argument from ignorance. Because he can't bring himself to enjoy something with subtitles, he just can't imagine why someone else would.

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