Wednesday, 10 October 2007

That'll Never Happen No More By The BluesBerries

More of a ragtimey feel on this one. And, yes, a little ragged at the edges, but it's a different sound to my voice and the guitar playing is rather lovely.

Apparently it was written by Blind Blake who was, indeed, "The King Of Ragtime Guitar". He's a somewhat mysterious figure. To quote wikipedia:
Very little is known about his life. His birthplace was listed as Jacksonville, Florida by Paramount Records but even that is in dispute. Nothing is known of his death. Even his name is not certain.

Searching for the lyrics to this song on the internet, I discovered that a folk singer by the name of Dave Van Ronk had added a third verse. Since I like the song but felt it didn't go on long enough I incorporated that in to our version.

So, stream away, and let me know what you think...

Download it here.

I'm also putting these on a fairly spare myspace page here.

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