Tuesday, 9 October 2007

99 Secrets Blues By The BluesBerries

So, we've recorded some stuff! And some of it was good enough to share. And that's what I'm going to do.

This first track is called 99 Secrets Blues. I took a text I'd found on the Internet called "99 Secrets" and I took the attitude, if not the exact words, of the piece to form a blues around with Markus providing the music.

The original was 99 lines mostly on failing relationships of which the following is representative:
once she told him a story about a white knight, and a princess that didn't need saving. am i the knight? he asked her. no, she answered. you're the person i'm telling the story to.

The third line in the "99 Secrets" is:
stay, he asked her, not meaning forever.

This forms the basis of my first verse:
When I said you could stay, I never meant forever
When I said you could stay, I never meant forever
And now it's no secret that we can't be together

Anyway, enough waffle from me, here it is:

Or, if you want to download it,you can click here.

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