Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Short Shorts And A Brief Holiday

I'm away for the next couple of days. Seeing as my hits, at the moment, seem to mostly come from people looking for "The Next Best Thing" (some talentless show I suspect) and the Simpsons Character Creator, not too many will miss me much.

That doesn't stop me from being pleased (oddly and disproportionately, no doubt) that my daily average hit rate is currently 27 and I got more than 600 visits (780 page views) this month. I realise in the Blogging Leagues this probably still only makes me a Sunday pub team, but I get a little glow of achievement never-the-less.

Anyway, I do cherish my regulars and every comment that I get that isn't offering to make my penis larger (and, well, some that are) is always much appreciated. But enough self-indulgence here are the short shorts in no particular order:

And remember Vince, Jorn and Fred have great new stuff most days.

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