Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Keep Talking Wesley

Wil Wheaton finally[1] gets around to reviewing another episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this time The Battle. Wil comes to a realisation:

Because that's not bad enough, Wesley comes in at a crucial point in the 3rd act, points out that he "glanced" at some brain scans which he doesn't "really know anything about" and magically deduced exactly what their origin is. To complete Wesley's perfectly brilliant introduction to the audience, they actually have him say, to himself after Troi and Dr. Crusher have left the scene, "You're welcome, ladies . . . Heh. Adults." [...]

The damage is done and it's irreparable; we've made our first impression on an already skeptical audience (who, don't forget, have had to endure some truly atrocious episodes) and we can't ever take it back. After watching this episode, I finally understand -- no, I grok -- exactly why so many people hated Wesley so much. Hell, I played him for seven years and probably have more invested in him than anyone else in the world, and even I hated him after this.

[1] I realise he's probably been very busy and he can review episodes of TNG whenever he damn well pleases. It has been well over a month since his last one, though.

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