Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Little Bit O' Politics

According to The Independent a recent poll has found Jack the Ripper the worst Briton of the last 1000 years. I assume that the poll is of dead Britons.

If it isn't, why the fuck isn't Margaret Thatcher in the top spot?

Jack murdered and mutilated somewhere between 5 and 20 prostitutes.

ruined lives and communities throughout the UK. She may not have done anything ritualistic with the entrails of the Mining Industry, but that's only because it wouldn't have gone down too well on the Nine O'Clock News.

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Steve said...

Those were dark days but things are better now. The prophet David is leading the Tories to the Promised Land of the new enlightenment; a more tolerant, eco friendly, diversity embracing, poof loving, ethnic cuddling, gypsy hugging, asylum seeker snogging era for the Conservative Party. Or is it?
The following is from Wednesday's Guardian:
"David Cameron has given his personal blessing to negotiations that could see the Conservatives join forces with one of Europe's most homophobic political parties. Weeks after burnishing his modernising credentials, Mr Cameron has sanctioned talks with Poland's governing party, whose policies include banning gay pride marches."
David, by your friends you are known.