Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Waldo's Not Here If I Can Help It

Apparently this week in Banned Books Week. Celebrate by picking a book from the 100 Most Frequently Challeged Books list and readining it in public, maybe.

Actually, I've read less of that list than I'd expect. I was glad to see Slaughter House 5 on there, because if it wasn't the only other books that I've read are, errrm, James and the Giant Peach and Where's Waldo.

James and the Giant Peach I get. James climbs in a hole in a giant peach and talks to enormous bugs while flying around and having adventures, it's clearly a drugs metaphor and couldn't be more so if it was called James Takes A Shit Load of Acid.

Where's Waldo, I don't get, though. Unless red and white striped jerseys are a threat to the American Way of Life. Apparently the usual reason given is that in a picture (some pictures?) there is a topless sunbather. So naturally I've tried to find a pic of this for your delectation, but my Google skills are getting rusty and I can't find one. What I did find was an article on sexuality myths, though, with this priceless paragraph:
The American Family Association in Florida forced the passage of an ordinance banning nude sunbathing on a beach near Cape Canaveral with the explanation, "It will allow you and your family to walk without fear of being offended, or worse, physically attacked by nude or partially nude persons." Beware, beware of the naked man.

Good advice indeed.

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