Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hold My Beer This Is Going To Be A Long One

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eu4 console commands said...

That ain't nutting ,- I got 558 eighteen inch woofers feeding them 446,400 RMS watts , that's 800 RMS watts per subwoofer,.- My rigs an International Harvester 18 wheeler,.-- The richter scale needles get nervous at the turn of my switch,. So far my bass waves have knocked down 3 five story, and 12 seven story buildings, 5 cafes 9 schools, 2 stadiums and 189 homes , ,. on normal drive-by's outside my work space I've created five sink holes, biggest one a quarter mile wide at just 1/2 volume and at 3/4 volume I have relocated several farm animals back to their normal habitats .. (( I own a demolition business which tests building foundations with bass waves )) . / THE BAD = I forgot to mention that two farm animals went into coma for 3 days and are no longer laying eggs (two chickens),,..also I blew out the only tweeter i had yesterday and I'm getting to many noise complaints from astronauts repairing NASA satellites, they claim my bass is bouncing on the moon after 2:45 pm causing them to lose concentration.