Thursday, 1 April 2010

Truth In Humour

If the voters really are fed up with New Labour and believe that the Tories are a viable alternative, don't you wish Labour's admen had the balls to do The Grauniads april fool's version:

It's no "San Serif", but it made me smile...

Also worthy of a mention is Charlie Stross whose deadpan style had me going until about half way through. Looking at the comments, I wasn't the only one.


Joe said...

It was the bit about asking for John Prescott's advice that gave the game away for me. Entirely plausible until then unfortunately.

Paul said...

The graun has a handy round up of hoaxes here:

Somehow, as much as anything else, it manages to prove that not everyone has a sense of humour. But if you want to see video of peguins flying it's not all bad.