Thursday, 1 April 2010

Low Brow

E-readers[1] are feeding a rise in people reading Mills & Boon, apparently.

Looking at any download chart would probably enable you to draw similar conclussions about people's taste in public and what they really like.

I'm reminded of a letter in a recent issue of Four Four Two wherein a bloke claimed that, because his local team were in a very low division and, anyway, his country's level of football wasn't that great, he could support whoever he wanted. That summary probably has him protesting just a little too much but you get the general idea. Anyway giving himself the freedom to choose to support any team in the world guess who he chose?

Close enough. It was, in fact, Barcelona. Further justification being that, if you are going to watch football, it better be at the highest level.

He was proud enough of his choice, and justification, to write in to a football mag about it. He had the whole of football in front of him. He could have chosen plucky, obscure teams with a rich a varied history. He could have picked, say, Donny Rovers. Or Vorwärts Steyr. Or gone with something like St Pauli or Hibs or Nottingham Forest. He could have got in touch with local fans and turned up at matches and been welcomed as a foreign guest, perhaps. But no.

It's easier to watch Barca as they are good, they are on telly quite a bit, especially with the Champions League, and they have players who you've heard of. Actually, now I've said it, I might support them myself....

[1] Not to get all curmudgeonly and philistine on you but eDisplayer, surely? The person is the reader.

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