Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

As I said to a friend, if this year is as bad as last year I shall be asking for my money back.

Actually, last year wasn't so bad. My work and weight slowly got better, Steyr Cricket Club managed a few friendlies and my band got about one gig a month. I did, however, nearly die, which colours things somewhat. I still have to take pills, wear a compression stocking and be careful about what I eat and drink (on the plus side of that, I do seem to be sleeping better).

I've started this year with water damage in my apartment (not my fault), a passport that's nearly run out, a bank card that has run out (in that it is no longer valid, I money left in the account) and pills that are about to run out while my doctor is on holiday (I have a prescription for one lot, but not the other). I have a dry tickly cough and a cold -- not quite a flu but annoying never the less.

All of these problems will go away in the next week or so, though, so I can't complain...


Joe said...

Thought this was quite funny

geraldgbitonio said...

hahaha! funny!