Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The BluesBerries Were On Fire

I don't think I've done a gig report in ages.

The BBs were back in our second home of Café Adabei in Weyer. We'd cancelled a previous gig because of my near-death experience so this was almost a comeback gig.

After about three songs I told everybody in the audience to phone a friend and tell them to get over to the bar, not because the place was empty (it was pretty full, actually) but because we were playing up a storm and they'd be telling they're friends about what they'd missed for days after.

To be honest the end of the second set was a bit chaotic and, I think, we ran in to the problem of having too much material. We could have finished half an hour earlier and people would have gone home very happy indeed.

A great night though. I had more energy at this gig than I'd had for a while. I was almost bouncing off the walls. A good sign indeed.

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