Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tim Schafer: Legend

As part of his eternal self-promotion (and he deserves what ever recogition he gets), Tim Schafer has released a mini Escape the Room type thing in the style of the classic Lucasarts adventures. It's called Host Master and the Conquest of Humor and is worth the ten to twenty minutes of your time it takes to finish it. Fun, funny and rewarding -- all the things an adventure game should be.

Update: I've just got my monthly quota of hits here looking for a walkthrough for the above. I don't want to do that, but I will give some hints.

  • The description of each item often has a subtle hint.

  • Looking at something after you've used it will occasionally get more information.

  • If it's dirty, it probably needs cleaning.

  • Some things aren't used to bright light.

  • Almost all objects have a different response to the different commands, so just because one doesn't work on something doesn't mean another won't.

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