Thursday, 12 March 2009

Notes And Such

So I have a fun Saturday coming up. "Team Training" at nine. Cricket at two. Markus' at six to start the Linz gig by nine.

Luckily Sunday is free.

Cricket training was excellent last Sunday. It was nice to have our own space for two hours and not be worried about being moved on by some seventh league football teams' third youth teams trainer. My legs have just about recovered. I was a bit worried, but everyone I've spoken to has been the same. "No pain, no gain" I guess...

Which is all to say, yes I'm v. busy at the moment.

So, here, take a look at this stuff:

  • Austrian Cricket Association. An attempt to boost their page rank... CC Steyr's mini page, too.

  • Bruce Campbell at the AV Club (from a while ago, but Bruce is always good value).

  • Bars of Black & White A minimalist, but well made, escape the room game.

  • This Is Why You're Fat Pics of foods that manage to pack far too many calories onto one plate. The gross outweights the droolsome by quite a large margin.

  • What Buffy can teach us about difficult levels in games. To be fair (ish) they got it a bit more right with the second game. I remember the first one I need a walkthrough and invincibility to finish. The second one I just needed a walkthrough (mostly because the camera was so bad that at one point there was no way of seeing a certain opening...)

  • The Bikeshed Problem Procrastination at its finest.

  • Different drummers tendancy to speed up displayed in graph form. I'm not sure this proves any thing, but I found it fascinating.

  • Nathan Fillion at the AV Club (from a while ago, but Nathan is always good value).
  • The Economist: Prohibition has failed; legalisation is the least bad solution

  • Smell like The Shat.

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