Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Son of the Return Of Short Shorts Part V

Obey Your Thirst!

  • As a fairly regular reader of Paul Krugman I should mention his Nobel Prize which, as Patrick Neilsen Hayden has it, seems to be, unusually for an Economist, for Being Right. The Rightwing bloggers are in a tizzy, apparently.

  • Krugman likes Gordon Brown, though, which may or may not cause you to question the above.

  • A discussion of Pornography: “If real-world sex were a meal, the chicken would rarely be hot enough and there would not be quite enough dessert to go around.”

  • Nailing Your Wife. PG Porn with the fearless Nathan Fillion.

  • The Designer's Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! IX Earnest Adams looks at the ways computer games, and their designers, still manage to annoy us.

  • Cubeecraft. Because you never know when you are going to need a boxy model of Buffy, Darth Vader or Hellboy.

  • Quackle. Not exactly Scrabble, but you can sure make it a lot like that game. It describes itself as a "free crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool that rivals the best players in the world!"

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