Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Yet Another Link Blog

In all probability I stole these links from the people listed on the right, plus some other rss feeds I haven't mentioned yet. Anyway, there's some good stuff here:

  • What Psychologists Would Do If They Could. A list of unethical and impossible experiments that would probably tell us a great deal about the human condition.

  • Tor Books. Free e-books, by Charlie Stross and John Scalzi among others, till the end of the week. Go for the free stuff stay for the community.

  • Rock drummers 'are top athletes' Jazz drummers, though, not so much.

  • Preview Desktop Images are now available for Star Trek. Boggle once more at how much Zachary Quinto is channeling Leonard Nimoy.

  • The Watchmen Movie seems to be shaping up better than expected. Unless, of course, you realy liked 300...

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