Friday, 25 July 2008

Whatever Comes Our Way

Born to be wild friend-of-the-blog Peter Verdi has been busy recently. Spurred somewhat by the recent spat over who did exactly what to whom and with which implement in the doomed Infocom adventure sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and, well, the fact that many people he wanted to interview turned up to that spat, Peter has gradually been conducting interviews with many of the key players from Magnetic Scrolls' heyday.

Magnetic Scrolls, you may remember, were the only real competition Infocom ever had. In fact they were better in some ways and more British about it. As I pointed out before, if you don't really know what interactive fiction is, and why typing "xyzzy" into said fiction is a fun thing to do, then these nostalgia fests will probably mean nothing to you.

But if the picture below makes you want to type "PLANT THE POT PLANT IN THE PLANT POT WITH THE TROWEL" all over again then go and read what Phil South and Peter Kemp have to say about their time with one of the great text adventure makers.

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Peter said...

Hey, many thanks! I am deeply honoured by this blog-post.

For those who are interested - there are currently a few more interviews with further key-players from Magnetic Scrolls in the works, but at the moment I don't know when these will go online.

It's a rather time-consuming (but fun) affair for all the parties involved (at least I hope it's as much fun for the interviewees as it is for me), but I hope to be able to provide the gentle reader with more interview-goodness in the not-too-distant future.