Friday, 16 May 2008

Photographer's Rights in the UK

On one hand this page, The UK Photographers Rights Guide, seems exactly the sort of thing that the Internet should be doing. On the other it is worrying that it needs to exist at all.

Maybe it's just the sites I read but the harrassment of photographers by security guards and policemen, often for what seems to be the most inconsequential thing, is getting to be a regular happening. CCTV, which according to recent reports is of little use, is somehow acceptable but still photography is frowned upon. Perhaps it's a human presence that scares these tin pot harrassers so. To me it feels like a worrying trend to assume that any out-of-the-ordinary activity has some criminal intent and to act accordingly rather than, say, assume innocence as the law expects. I suppose that those who are paid to protect us do have some vested interest in doing the most to make us feel less safe.

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