Monday, 14 April 2008

Isn't This a Week Late?

The Telegraph announces a big win in the War On Drugs. This times it's not for the side that's high.

Apparently, in Afganistan local farmers are swapping crops; heroin for wheat. Not for any particularly honourable reasons, you understand. It's just that the price of heroin is going down while wheat prices have doubled.

I've looked and looked and I can't find the link to The Onion that should accompany that piece anywhere.


Joe said...

Something similar happened in Kent a few years ago. People stopped importing booze and fags and started importing washing powder. Apparently the mark up was as good - if not better - and the risk/penalty if caught much lower.
It seems even smugglers and drug dealers have a better understanding of economics than politicians give them credit for.

Paul said...

I think your last sentence might have 4 too many words...

So, anyway, it seems that the way to stop production of drugs is to make drugs worth less than another crop. Part of me wonders whether legalization would have achieved that.