Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hey Hey Hey!

I'm back!

OK, so I never said I was away, but I've been on holiday. Doing a bit of walking drinking lots of beer, that sort of thing. Normal posting should resume shortly.

I was at the Doncaster Beer Festival on my last day in England and had a whole range of great beers (and one or two not so good). The porters and dark beers in particular were very good this year. As usual there were any number of punning names (eg. the Idle Brewery had a Sod beer). I tried to set up the barmen each time I bought one, but it never quite clicked. For instance, when I went to but a glass of Regal Blonde, the exchange went something like this:
"I'd like a Regal Blonde, please"
"There you go, sir, one token please"

Whereas in my mind's eye it went more like:
"I'd like a Regal Blonde, please"
"I'd like to be a foot taller and look like Brad Pitt, but it'll never happen"

Still, you can't have everything.

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