Tuesday, 13 November 2007

BluesBerries Update

So, Doherty's Irish Pub is opening up a downstairs section, Doherty's Downunder no less. Being one of the last bands to play at the old place, it's an honour to be the first to play there. It'll be on Friday 23, November and will probably start around 8. I whipped up this poster to promote the gig:

We should also be doing 2 gigs in Decemeber. One is in Weyer at the Café Adabei and that will be on the 15th. The other should be a New Years Eve concert in Losenstein. I'm excited about all of these.

To mark the occasion, I've updated all the songs on our Myspace page to the most recent mix and I've swapped in Diddy Wah Diddy for Sugar Babe. Making some new song goodness.

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