Thursday, 6 September 2007

Playing Computer Games Increases Your Vocabulary

Kotaku, influneced by this conversation on Something Awful, reckons that they've learnt any number of words playing computer games, including:
Stuff like reticulating (Simcity 2000), trireme (Civ), trebuchet (Age of Kings) and taciturn (FFVI). Two stand out for me: apothecary, which I picked up from Quest for Glory II, and ziggurat, which I learned from Alex Kidd.

I'm not exactly sure if I've picked up anything, names of weapons and armour —greaves and cuirass I picked up from Dungeon Master on the Atari ST— aside, but I do remember from a long time ago getting a quiz question right (What was the capital of ancient Egypt?) because I'd been playing Civ a lot that week (Memphis, by the way).

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