Thursday, 14 June 2007

Haven't We Done This Before?

Well yes, but it's fun to say it again...

Dr John Clarke, Sydney-based psychotherapist and author, reckons there's at least one psychopath in every major company. I would add "and minor ones, too" and then be heard to mumble "and you're probably working for him". I wouldn't be alone in this because, as The Apprentice often suggests, psychopathic behaviour is what gets you ahead in most places:

"Psychopaths are very comfortable in successful corporations because they are actually rewarded for their behaviour.

"In business you are encouraged to make money for the company and if you appear to be doing whatever it takes to make money, you are often promoted.

"They are seen as rising employees who are full of energy and creativity."

But behind the facade, such workers were "ego-centric, grandiose, pathological liars with a lack of conscience, remorse and guilt", Dr Clarke said.

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Steve said...

Not just major corporations. Have you talked to any NHS managers lately?