Monday, 17 July 2006

Reasons I Don't Understand America Part 8

Via Roy at alicublog, comes a post from someone called Josh Trevino. He's decided to pontificate on 7/7 and how the British somehow seemed to regard it as just something that happened rather than any excuse to level Leeds, or something:
One year later, there is still the same madness and denial in the mother country. Iqbal Sacranie is still a knight of the realm. The Labour party still wants to ban the public mockery of Islam. The intelligentsia still indulge in pro-Islamist lip service whenever the subject of Israel arises. One can’t murder enough of them to change their minds, it seems. It’s almost as if they didn’t notice.

Roy re-casts this succinctly as:
The terror attacks of July 7, 2005 did not break the will of the British People. Well, better luck next time!

Even beter, though, is in the comments, Josh feels the need to futher explain:
Europe is not a lost cause, and even if it were, we should not stop fighting for it. I really do think that piety, in the classical sense, demands this much.

You're fighting for us, Josh? Well I hadn't noticed, but if you're ever in Austria there's a cold Guinness waiting for you in thanks!

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