Tuesday, 4 July 2006

From The Mind Of Russell T Davies

QS: Well, the UK has Tom Baker, and we have William Shatner.

DAVIES: (laughing)! Do you think we’re better off?

QS: You know what, I’d like to see the two of them go head-to-head for an interview program.

I’d like to see the two of them kissing. (laughing)!

QS: You know what? You need to produce When William Shatner met Tom Baker…

Can you imagine? That would be brilliant! (laughing)!

QS: "One came from the US, one from the UK. They met. They fell in love..."

DAVIES: (laughing) It’s a classic boy meets boy story.

QS: I think you’re sold on this...


QS: Forget Torchwood - here’s your spin-off.


From a very charming interview on Quick Stop Entertainment (via Tachyon TV -- where fanboys go to be disappointed). Apparently the US are just getting the Boxset of the first of the new series of Doctor Who and this is a bit of promotion for it.

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