Monday, 2 January 2006

... And A Happy New Year

So, when I wasn't getting drunk I was doing my best Jabba the Hutt impression whilst trying to get through all the DVDs and books I got for Xmas. This was a good thing!

I'm now caught up on the two TV events of last year: Lost (half a season of it, anyway) and Dr Who.

I like Lost and I'm already enchanted by the central mystery. How the heck are they going to get that fat guy to lose weight?

A lot of reviewers also think it's hilarious to point out that only the pretty ones (and the token fat guy) survived, which shows that TV reviewers not only borrow each others jokes, but also haven't watched enough TV to justify their position. A quick glance at just about any series will tell you that America is a land of thin photogenic people (apart from the token fat/ugly one to reinforce just how thin/photogenic everyone else is) who are well-traveled, well-read and culturally literate and all talk just a little bit like a nerdy TV writer wished he could have gotten away with when they were at school...

Doctor Who is great and I'm going to write a bit more about it in another post.

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