Monday, 3 May 2010


There's probably a law somewhere. But I've found my love of something can find it difficult to survive meeting other fans of that something.

A case in point is new Who. Thanks to finally embracing torrents I can enjoy Doctor Who the way it's meant to be enjoyed, in weekly installments. I feel that this has been a great start to a new season and Matt Smith already seems very comfortable with the role. Possibly thanks to some great writing and plotting. The stories have been brisk and exciting while leaving plenty of room for character development. And yet...

And yet if you pop over to SFX you'll find what looks to be a totally disgruntled bunch. It's been said that this last two-parter is the Aliens to Blink's Alien. It even steals the structure, long slow set-up and then sprint to the denoument. Where before you had a small number of statues against unarmed and inexperienced kids now you have a large number against well armed "clerics". Apparently this has defanged them.

I'm not sure whether these people should grow up or give in to their inner child, because I found the whole thing genuinely tense from start to finish. This might be because I was watching the story being told rather than trying to find inconsistencies in the behaviour of a bunch of made up creatures.

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