Tuesday, 26 February 2008

That Review Finally...

OK, so grumbling was heard about technical problems and there was perhaps slightly too much faffing around with levels and distortion and things like that.

My voice, it's said, was a little too loud in the first half. There's at least one person who doesn't find that a problem.

Especially as my singing was a strong as it's ever been at the Adabei gig, and I have the CD to prove it (I also have photos, these shall be appearing on the web pretty soon).

Yes, there a still niggles, I sometimes try things that don't quite work and my timing on intros can be suspect —there are plenty of rough edges, but I'm not sure everything should be smooth— but as a whole we played well and sounded pretty tight. There were some great solos and very effective rhythm sectioning.

It's not always good to keep on going forward if you are facing in the wrong direction, but the BluesBerries in my biased opinion are marching happily in exactly the right direction. Every time we play, something that was wrong gets corrected, something was merely ok gets better. I'm not claiming we are the finished polished product, yet, but the prototype as it is now is looking none too shabby.

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